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SETS recognizes that each student is an individual, that all students are creative, that all students need to succeed. Therefore, SETS respects the needs of students, fosters a caring and creative environment which will give them the knowledge and skills necessary for improving their aptitude test result and finally success becomes their destiny.


  • Integration of teaching, research, and awe-inspiring services.
  • Individual and collective excellence.
  • Outstanding teaching with updated material.
  • Academic excellence and integrity.
  • Collegiality and collaboration.
  • Diversity, equity, and social justice.


To provide our student, the best and comprehensive education through modern technology in affordable fees.


  • Air-conditioned classes.
  • Modern technology, such as multi-media, video, digital learning books etc....
  • Time management techniques.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Comprehensive and updated material.
  • Lot of supporting material such as; topical assignment, library assignment, group activity, past papers etc....
  • Shadow test papers.
  • SETS score and target cards.

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